Anyone who's used the Internet in the last decade could tell you there has been a noticeable increase in the number of online dating or matchmaking type sites to hit the market, all fighting each other for their share of users. On one end of the spectrum you've got the big players who have made their mark with phone chat services and have migrated to the world of online dating, and on the other end you've got random "fly by night" sites popping up trying to cash in on the trend. It seems more difficult for new players to the game to become trusted. What does this mean for you? If you're looking for a new site to try, browse through their offerings and see what kind of detail they've put into creating the site. Hidden contact information is just one red flag to watch out for.

Who uses online dating? If you were to ask anyone this question today, you'd probably find most responses indicating people are turning to online dating for the simplicity. We exist in an era of connectivity where a large portion of the country's population is connected in the home or via mobile, and many of these people would consider it a natural part of their everyday lives. Technology itself has also grown easier to use and is now more accessible than ever before, meaning your target audience and potential user base has increased exponentially over the recent years. Whereas in the past you'd need to rely on social events or randomly meeting someone while you went about your day, today's matchmaking needs are easily met with the use of Internet based dating services.

Are the traditional methods going the way of the dinosaur? Probably not. We see online dating services as a means to supplement your search for a short or long term relationship, not acting as a complete replacement for everything you've been doing up until now. Sites like ours should not be seen as the end-all solution to finding a romantic match as we are merely just another platform of communication allowing people to connect with each other in the same fashion they've always been doing. If you've ever felt that rush from sharing a smile with a complete stranger who's caught your eye in the isle of the supermarket while you both did your shopping, we just want to be your virtual supermarket.

-CupidClick Dating, 09/2015