Careful, we're still working on things.

The CupidClick Dating team is still working on adding new features and improving the user experience. We're opening the site while still in development to give users the opportunity to test what we've got so far and report any issues or new ideas.

What To Expect

You may encounter brief service interruptions when code and design patches are applied to CupidClick Dating. We will do our best to only perform this type of work during non-peak hours. Certain design elements may be changed over time (menu options, profile fields, etc) to better suit your needs.

What May Change

While the core functionality of CupidClick Dating will remain the same, you may encounter new additions to site navigation and user profile settings. Our team will be working to fully document new additions to the site in the CupidClick Dating Knowledgebase though this may take some time.

Reporting Issues

If you run into issues with the site such as a software related bug or error, please submit a support request at our Support Portal detailing the nature of the issue. By submitting these types of issues to us, our team can work at resolving them as soon as possible to restore service. You can also submit any general inquiries including feature requests and our team can look into having it implemented.


By using the CupidClick Dating site, you allow us to review performance data and locate potential issues before they impact our users. We'd like to say thanks to you for taking the time to help build our community.