All users of the CupidClick Dating service must agree and adhere to the following terms of service. All CupidClick Dating users must reside within Canada and be at least 18 years of age. CupidClick Dating reserves the right to alter or remove user accounts and/or user profiles in part or in whole to satisfy the Terms of Service as outlined on this page. CupidClick Dating may revise the Terms of Service at any time without prior notification. Latest revision date of the CupidClick Dating Terms of Service can be found at the bottom of this document. By viewing or becoming a registered user on the CupidClick Dating site, you accept the terms of this agreement in full.

1. Acceptable Profile Use

a) Image Use
Image content uploaded to CupidClick Dating for use in publicly viewable profiles must be of acceptable nature. Adult content is not permitted in either public or private picture albums. Inappropriate gestures, poses and clothing in uploaded images is forbidden and the offending image will be deleted by CupidClick Dating administrators. Your CupidClick Dating account will be flagged and future infractions will result in the profile being removed. CupidClick Dating users must possess ownership and full rights of any images uploaded to CupidClick Dating. By uploading images to CupidClick Dating, you agree to grant all rights to CupidClick Dating for uploaded content. CupidClick Dating reserves the right to remove uploaded image content which violates third-party copyright or contains third-party promotional material, messages of violence or hate, material which violates Canadian law or any condition of the CupidClick Dating Terms of Service agreement.

b) Content Use
Profile content such as username, description, tag line, and other user-entered information must not contain profanity, discrimination against any religion or minority or anything considered inappropriate for public display. CupidClick Dating users may not display copyrighted or trademarked names, slogans or phrases to which the user does not possess full usage rights. Offending content will be deleted by CupidClick Dating administrators and your account flagged for potential further action. Additional infractions will result in your profile being removed and user account terminated.

c) Accuracy Policy
CupidClick Dating reserves the right to alter or terminate any user profile created in part or entirely using inaccurate personal details. This may include age, address, e-mail address, name, as well as any other required information provided during the CupidClick Dating registration process.

d) Personal Identifying Information
You may not publish your full name, telephone number, e-mail address, physical address, website URLs or third party website usernames (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) on your public CupidClick Dating profile. CupidClick Dating administrators reserve the right to modify and/or remove profiles which display personal identifying information.

2. Messaging Use Policy

Messages sent between CupidClick Dating users are strictly for the purpose of initiating and/or continuing conversation and must not contain third party promotions, copyrighted material, advertisements, spam, commercial invitations, investment opportunities, e-mail addresses, outside links, promotion of hate and/or violence, material which violates Canadian law or any content which does not directly pertain to the purpose of CupidClick Dating. Messages sent between users on CupidClick Dating are monitored and filtered through internal systems, and CupidClick Dating administrators are notified of any messages which violate the outlined use policy.

3. Information Use Policy

a) Data Mining
CupidClick Dating actively monitors access logs and will investigate and take appropriate action against third party organizations taking advantage of the public information displayed on user profiles. No person or organization may, by means of automatic, manual, or other, actively participate in data mining activities for any purpose. Attempts at data mining will result in loss of access to the CupidClick Dating network.

b) Duplication
The content displayed on any and all pages within the CupidClick Dating site is the property of CupidClick Dating. As such, the act of duplicating any data found within CupidClick Dating for any purpose becomes a violation of copyright.

c) Unlawful Use
CupidClick Dating will co-operate with Canadian legal authorities if any user is suspected of obtaining information from CupidClick Dating for the purpose of stalking, identity theft, or any other illegal use of provided data. CupidClick Dating will disclose any and all related logs or data collected via other means to Canadian law enforcement agencies requesting it for the purpose of investigating such activity.

4. Account Policy

By registering a user account on the CupidClick Dating site, you agree to not provide your access credentials to any third-party or allow any unauthorized user to access your CupidClick Dating account. You are required to select a strong account password and must immediately change your password if it has been shared with a third-party. Users of CupidClick Dating are responsible for any and all activity occurring under their user account.

5. Billing

CupidClick Dating uses trusted third-party merchant services to conduct financial transactions for premium (paid) membership plans. Premium membership subscriptions are non-transferable and non-refundable. CupidClick Dating offers no guarantee for refund of unused services. CupidClick Dating reserves the right to alter or remove user accounts involved in financial fraud or transaction charge-backs. CupidClick Dating users subscribing to a paid membership plan on a recurring basis agree to allow their chosen third-party merchant service to process the recurring transactions automatically. CupidClick Dating users are responsible for cancelling pre-authorized payment subscriptions with the third-party merchant in the event of termination of the CupidClick Dating premium membership plan.

6. Legal Disclaimer

CupidClick Dating accepts no liability for activity which occurs between users, nor can CupidClick Dating be held responsible for the actions of users. Furthermore, CupidClick Dating shall not be liable for emotional damages, bodily injury, lost wages, social expenses, punitive damages incurred resulting from CupidClick Dating usage, acts of God occurring during use of CupidClick Dating services, data loss, or any other such damages including monetary and/or intangible loss for incidents directly or indirectly pertaining to the aforementioned. The CupidClick Dating service is offered on an "as-is" basis with no warranties or guarantees implied or otherwise provided. Users of CupidClick Dating agree to acknowledge and accept all risk involved in the use of CupidClick Dating services.

Users of CupidClick Dating agree to indemnify and hold harmless CupidClick Dating and its employees, agents, officers and directors, from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses including legal fees arising from usage of the CupidClick Dating site.

CupidClick Dating Terms of Service - September 19, 2015.