Site Update - May 2017

We've introduced a new public discussion forum to the CupidClick Dating site. These discussion forums are open to any CupidClick Dating users and requires that you have an active account on our site. Existing CupidClick Dating users may need to contact us via the support portal to enable full forum access. New users will automatically have full forum access.

Development Update - April 2017

Our latest update to the CupidClick Dating site fixes some design bugs and optimizes load times. Additional tweaks have been made with the ability to attach images to private messages and user blogs. The user chat system has also been updated to improve performance. We will continue to keep you updated with our site's progress!

Development Update - July 2016

We've got some exciting improvements rolled out into the CupidClick Dating site! You're now able to attach pictures to private messages and timeline posts. Also implemented are some minor bug fixes and general improvements to site stability. We'll keep you updated with information on new features as we work to implement them.

Development Update - March 2016

We've made a few recent changes to the site including moving your user timeline into a separate page accessible though the navigation sidebar. You can also use the "My Fans" area to see who's added your user profile to their favorites list. We've got a few more ideas in the works so stay tuned for more updates from us. Also note we've created the CupidClick Dating Blog which will feature articles and information not all necessarily related to dating, but things the CupidClick Dating staff find i…

Development Update - January 2016

We've implemented Facebook/Twitter authentication into CupidClick Dating allowing you to create and access your profile using your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. We're in the process of conducting further bug checks on the site and putting the finishing touches on a few areas. We expect to have all areas of the site complete within the next couple of months. Please report any bugs or site issues to the CupidClick Dating Support Department. Thanks!

Development Update - November 2015

We've rolled out a new home area which is visible to logged in users upon visiting the site. Some of the new features include a local user showcase, statistics from your user profile and a "top picks" section listing businesses in your area. We're still working on improving the "top picks" listings so check back later if no results are returned for your city. While we don't expect any issues with page display, please visit the CupidClick Dating Support Portal if you encounter errors. Thanks!

Site Update - September 2015

The CupidClick Dating team has been working hard to fix site bugs and tweak our site design to optimize the user experience. In order to help protect your privacy, we've implemented HTTPS across our main site and supporting sub-domains. We'll have further updates on our development progress within the next few weeks.

Beta Launch - September 2015

We've gone ahead and pushed our live beta out for public access, and we encourage users to sign up and test out the site for themselves. You'll likely notice some incomplete areas of the site but standard functionality is ready to go. If you run into any issues, please drop by the Support Portal and let us know the details. Thanks!

Development Update - September 2015

Development is nearly complete and the site will be open as a public beta in the coming month. We expect all the current bugs to be worked out, but there's no better way to ensure all site functionality works than loading it with users to test the features. Our support portal with ticket system will be active at launch time allowing users to submit bug reports regarding any issues they may find.

Development Update - November 2014

We are proud to announce the upcoming beta launch of CupidClick! Our team is working on the final touches to prepare the site for public use.